Monthly Archives: June 2015

Hungry spirits.

The anger that you feed will eat you alive.

Epistemological skeptic?

No, skeptical of epistemology.

Subjective versus objective?

How about inter-subjective and inter-objective.

Death doesn’t bargain.

In this case and few others, acceptance or rejection must be total.

Self, self, self…

Self-consciousness is a marker of self-centeredness.

Just like love.

Every hate has its own reason/rationalization.

Skillful means.

The cure for monotheistic anxiety is the doctrine of reincarnation: “Calm down—you have more than one life to live.”


Privileged people are not so stupid as to believe that they do not enjoy certain privileges. What they stupidly believe is that such benefits are their just deserts.

Another cosmopolitics.

Do I accept Bonnie Honig’s “… simply because they are here?” No, I reject it—simply because a “we” is there.

She stole another woman’s man.

Such petty theft is hardly worth it.