Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Emptiness” is not “nothingness.”

Feeling empty is a deluded perception of emptiness.

Any difference in pleasure is purely symbolic.

The inside of a man’s mouth is much like the inside of a woman’s mouth.

Sources of conviction.

Why would anyone who has nothing but truth on their side have any interest in questioning the very notion of it?

Victory as defeat.

The greatness of this thinker has been recognized. Everyone repeats their phrases without the slightest thought as to their meaning.

Lee Je-Yong, “Untold Scandal.”

A devastating heartbreak is the surest sign that one had fallen in love.

Gramsci 101.

Domination: divide and conquer. Hegemony: parse and co-opt.

Religious wisdom.

The claim that wealth and status have no bearing on the afterlife can be secularized as follows: such things do no good for the living, either.

Passion, philosophy, profession.

Every person with a passion has a philosophy of life. A philosopher without a passion or a life hopefully at least practices a profession.


Writing remains a form of manual labor in a digital age.

The self as the world.

The narcissist is best at both projection and introjection.