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Historical causality.

The original meaning of the American Civil War was Union. The ultimate meaning of the war was Emancipation. Between the cause and the consequence was a series of pure contingencies.

The American Civil War.

The lost cause is not always the right cause despite its loss; the victorious cause is often the right cause despite itself.

Reygadas, “Battle in Heaven.”

What fascination with the fantasy of enjoyable anonymity!

A few questions.

“Who are the people?” is a question which cannot be answered. “Where are the people?” is a question which can only be answered by pointing.

Chicken heads.

A bunch of chickens with their heads cut off runs around. No doubt, the head chicken is somewhere nearby.

Scandalous science.

Political theorists, unlike political scientists, have the good sense to acknowledge when they’re making things up.


Being—I know right?

What do you actually believe?

We know that belief in Love is a delusion. Whether belief in God is a delusion is up for debate.

Counting down and up.

It is unrealistic to expect a great person to be one. A small one has a better chance of being many.

Value theory.

The highest common dominator sets the lowest common denominator.