Monthly Archives: August 2015

Donald Trump is always ranting about Japan, China, and Mexico.

I suspect these are the only countries besides the United States that he’s heard of.

The way is a situated ethics.

However, the Absolute cannot be Absolutely rejected.

Self-involvement, self-sacrifice.

Neither the vice nor the virtue makes any sense outside of contexts that assume the separation of self from other.

It takes all kinds.

Some distractions keep us from thinking; others keep us from not thinking.

Would sight be better?

Love is blinded by passionate attachment, while justice is blinded by dispassionate distance.


Foucault based his “genealogical” mode of investigation on a misreading of Nietzsche, unsurprisingly surpassing anything that “correct” readers of Nietzsche could have ever come up with.

What does this nation stand for?

To claim that MLK Jr. Day is not a properly national holiday is to claim that freedom and equality are not “American” concerns.


Are you seriously criticizing me for reading too much into this book? You might as well criticize this book for putting too much out.

Holding the page.

A sensuous attachment fuels the neo-luddite opposition to digital reading practices.

Fantasies of enjoyment.

Resentment towards stupid people derives from the fantasy that they actually enjoy themselves.