Monthly Archives: September 2015

No Sexuality without the Symbolic.

The notion that sexuality is unnatural raises the depressing possibility that our basic appetites are ideological through and through.

Pre- and post-conceptual.

The life of the mind began to decline the moment the Concept came into Being.

Contempt for my kind.

Men today actually obsess about romance just as much as women were ever supposed to have back in the day.

Thoughts before and beyond words.

Logo-centrism lurks behind the notion of nausea.

Modern science reduced the stature of mankind.

It cleared the way for the immense contempt that modern mankind shows itself.

They want you?

Then they want something from you.

Causes, conditions, effects.

The sexuality of the attractive attracts, whereas the sexuality of the unattractive detracts.

Against “merit.”

Dumb luck put you where you started and got you where you were going. So do not pity the high who fall low, nor praise the low who ascend high.