Monthly Archives: October 2015

Moons and stars.

Seeing the body is like looking at the sun. Seeing the mind is like looking at the moon.


Moving to the meta-level can make you clever, though in this day and age, it cannot make you critical.

Try seeing it from my perspective.

Instead of telling me to be less sensitive, why don’t you try being less of an asshole?

Dominant technology, dominant metaphors.

The talking heads of today call the mind a complicated machine; in other times, they spoke of its similitude with an unseen divinity.

Misogynist mentality.

How beautiful she is. She even writes beautifully! How this beautiful writing enhances her beauty!

A partial truth.

The great insight of John Stuart Mill is that Christianity, in assuming a preexistent Pagan morality, was never meant to be totalizing system of practical conduct.