Monthly Archives: November 2015

We interrupt each other all the time in ordinary conversation.

It is the extraordinary disruption of the possibility of ordinary conversation that holds both promise and peril.

A romance for no ages.

Pop culture likes to turn events of world historical significance into the backdrop for petty dramas that properly concern two people.

Beware of phrases like “Not all blacks…” or “not all Muslims…”

What follows the “not all” is typically stereotypical nonsense about “the black” or “the Muslim.”

Neo-liberalism regnant.

One can only hope in our post-political age to put the words “power” and “equality” back into a historically-vacuous, economics-filled discourse.

Who am I?

And what is this “I” which asks who I am?

Thursday night is the new Friday night.

Who has time for one Friday night, let alone two?

I’m not opposed to interracial sexuality.

What I’m against is racial inequality which, in an age of bourgeois preoccupations, often takes the form of interracial sexuality.

Fire and fuel are dependently arisen.

Hence to speak of an “eternal flame” is to articulate an absurdity.

I try to close into my merest self.

Yet our prosaic selves remain constitutively open to the poetry of the world.