Monthly Archives: December 2015

Frame fixer-upper.

Conceived as a practice of framing questions correctly, the job of philosophy is to put philosophers out of work. Advertisements

Some argue to win.

Others argue to understand.

A martial artist doesn’t go around picking fights.

Nor does a true thinker go around starting arguments.

Many an atheist.

If you want to see which side feels certain, despite their rhetoric of skepticism, check out who is arguing like their opponents don’t believe that 2+2=4.

Ready or not.

Thought is one long preparation for a certainty that never comes; life is one long preparation for a certainty that always comes.

The “wannabe” is misnamed.

They want to possess the other far more than they want to be them.

They say One does this.

But They say this and One does that—therein lies the problem.