Monthly Archives: January 2016

A writer is in the words.

It is no comfort to hear this writer is not half as pretentious as she comes off on the page. She is a writer, after all. Advertisements

There are no private words or languages.

To use the term “property” properly is to describe things whose claiming by a private entity does not constitute theft.

Walking is talking.

The path you walk tells me exactly what you “believe.”

An art work is never done.

It is only abruptly and arbitrary brought to a close by its creator or its performer.

Classroom etiquette.

A good teacher knows how to get students to question things out loud. For the remainder, they practice their communication face-to-face.

Body parts.

Better a smart mouth than a dumb ass.

Pang Brothers, “Bangkok Dangerous” (the original).

The natural, innocent purveyor of violence is banished from the realms of speech and love.