Monthly Archives: February 2016

Dustin Wong.

You’ll never fit cleanly, but your notes fit perfectly. Advertisements

A tyrannical faculty.

A reasonable person is irritated, if not infuriated when another person refuses to be a reasonable.

Relationships only live once.

Resurrection and renewal is the fantasy.

An intellectual deserves real flaws.

Let them be worthy of the errors committed by uncommon minds; let them be indifferent to the petty failings of the everymind.

Contemplation of the beautiful.

Fashion designers who have sex with men keep their interest in female beauty disinterested.

The self as blindspot.

The belief that one is capable of criticizing oneself is the clearest indication that self-criticism is the highest conceit.

The flies flew in the door you left open.

They multiplied in the dirty dishes you left in the sink. You feel that “your” space is “infested” with these insects you kill. You would do better to encourage them to go outside and play.