Monthly Archives: May 2016

This is me, that is mine…

What appears as “the self” is actually a property relationship. Advertisements

Who cares what they think?

Of course you don’t care if you look like a fool. You never looked that good to begin with.  

They cross at the beginning and in the end.

“Inner” freedom is a path one is forced to travel alone. “Outer” freedom is a path one can only travel with company.

Things are like liquids. Concepts are like containers.

Not all containers will hold all liquids. Some containers will hold liquids, but leak or overflow. Others will hold them until the container wears out or the liquid dries up. Then there are liquids that contain containers and containers that flow.

Seize the moment!

Never wait to procrastinate on a task you could be procrastinating on right now. You might never get around to putting it off later.

Arvin Chen, “Mei.”

Leave and go; hold on and let go.

“Suggestive influence of the unexpressed…”

What I am leaving off the page is not fit to appear on it.