Monthly Archives: July 2016

Fallout from a broken glass ceiling.

The broken glass isn’t the worst of it. Glass ceilings are also glass floors. There is nothing more humiliating than realizing what supported where you used to stand. Advertisements

I see—you don’t like me.

I will worm my way into your red-state heart—just to see if I can.

Cat videos are silly.

But at least cats are relatively indifferent to the camera. The same cannot be said of humans.

I contain multitudes.

The aspiration to be one-self is driven by incoherence and measured by impossibility.

Doors of perception.

The mind is like a swinging, two-way door—it takes an active effort to keep it shut.


A stoic fully engages a process so as to not be caught in it or its result.

They say, “Don’t read too much into it.”

They mean, “Just a little willful illiteracy would help me out of this mess.”