Monthly Archives: September 2016

Signs of responsibility.

Can this person claim and clean up their own mess? The answer is in their kitchen and bathroom.

The mind is a moonlit, snowy plain.

It might look like there is much light, but there is just a lot of reflection going on.

The source of anthropomorphism.

Our ancestors didn’t anthropomorphize the earth to give causal explanations. They did it to humanize it and to make worlds. The simple proof is we do the same thing to mechanical and virtual worlds.

Take, for example, onanism.

Primary among the individualist illusions is that one can do anything by oneself.

Empty and endless.

The worst habit for the seeker of concentration is aimless clicking.

Do I believe in “human nature”?

That depends—is “human” meant as a compliment or an insult?

I met a Kuwaiti today.

I smiled when he told me his name is Billy Bob. First, cause he goes by “Billy Bob.” Second, cause he reminded me that I go by “Fred.”

One simply begins.

If we had to know where to begin, we’d never know how to start.

The personal isn’t always political.

One can rely on individual strength to “get ahead”; it takes collective power, though, to “move forward.”

My heart opened.

Only the bad came in and went out.