Monthly Archives: September 2016

One simply begins.

If we had to know where to begin, we’d never know how to start. Advertisements

The personal isn’t always political.

One can rely on individual strength to “get ahead”; it takes collective power, though, to “move forward.”

My heart opened.

Only the bad came in and went out.

Cry of nature.

If you wanted for nothing, you wouldn’t say anything. You probably wouldn’t even make a sound.

Intelligence and attractiveness.

The denaturalization of these “attributes” of “individuals” is a contribution to social justice.

A small town in a big world.

“Merry Christmas to you… I mean Happy Holidays,” the cashier said. “It makes no difference to me,” I replied. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to us both.”

Your words relate to my words.

As for our experiences, the best words are “distinctive” and “incommensurable.”