Monthly Archives: September 2016

Cry of nature.

If you wanted for nothing, you wouldn’t say anything. You probably wouldn’t even make a sound.

Intelligence and attractiveness.

The denaturalization of these “attributes” of “individuals” is a contribution to social justice.

A small town in a big world.

“Merry Christmas to you… I mean Happy Holidays,” the cashier said. “It makes no difference to me,” I replied. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to us both.”

Your words relate to my words.

As for our experiences, the best words are “distinctive” and “incommensurable.”

First and final.

The first thing to notice about criticism is that it is not personal, but interpersonal in the final instance.


There is a kernel of authentic experience in even the most alienated act.

Crushed brains.

I had a nightmare about how subjectivity is an illusion.


To become centered in the world, we must de-center ourselves.

Not any idiot can do this job.

It is more like every other to every third idiot.

Selves cut from others.

I admit to my dependence on you the moment I assert my independence from you.