Monthly Archives: October 2016


Only a fixed gaze can focus on the flux.

So what if this country is not the greatest ever.

Leave it to the nationalists to elevate a contingency into a competition.

You live in a bubble.

If you’re lucky, some day it will burst.

Democracy these days.

We have difficultly seeing that “illegality” is made, not given; after all, we have so little hand in “making” the law.

To infinity and beyond!

Two things would fundamentally alter the human condition of finitude: the “colonization” of outer space and the “curing” of inner life.

Every thing is different.

Here names—even proper names and especially synonyms—perform an elementary violation.

Skilled and unskilled see without thinking.

But the “thinking” each case is “without” differs vastly—hence the vast difference in “sight.”

Javert versus Valjean? No.

The true double of Javert is Epinone. Just as the true double of Valjean is Cossette.

Marius and Cossette.

Their bland romance is the backdrop against which Epinone’s passion appears with startling intensity.

Aggressive attitudes, masculine fantasies. 

The three standard points of attack in a rap battle are sexual relations, bodily integrity, and artistic prowess.