Monthly Archives: October 2016

Dear New York Times, decenter yourself.

Love, Al Jazeera, Xin Hua, and the BBC news.

Looking awry.

By looking at people less personally, we see them more humanely.

Moving right along.

One way to independence is to depend on the undependable.

Les Misérables is stuck in my head.

It reminds me of that saying: the French excel at making cheese.

You see much less than me.

But it’s not my fault that you go to sleep every night.


Two can only struggle with love with love.

She has no game.

This hasn’t stopped her from trying to play you.

Hard work.

Migrants come to the U.S. to do the jobs that “natives” would prefer not to take: unskilled laborers and applied scientists, undocumented and documented.

What if I am never “recognized”?

It is not as if my life would lose its “value.” Like innumerable everyday lives lost every day, it will only be forgotten.

How could you take my precious time?

Time is a convention. A convention is social. What is social is not mine, but ours.