Monthly Archives: October 2016

Javert versus Valjean? No.

The true double of Javert is Epinone. Just as the true double of Valjean is Cossette. Advertisements

Marius and Cossette.

Their bland romance is the backdrop against which Epinone’s passion appears with startling intensity.

Aggressive attitudes, masculine fantasies. 

The three standard points of attack in a rap battle are sexual relations, bodily integrity, and artistic prowess.

Dear New York Times, decenter yourself.

Love, Al Jazeera, Xin Hua, and the BBC news.

Looking awry.

By looking at people less personally, we see them more humanely.

Moving right along.

One way to independence is to depend on the undependable.

Les Mis√©rables is stuck in my head.

It reminds me of that saying: the French excel at making cheese.