Monthly Archives: November 2016

No one is irreplaceable.

Don’t take it personally. Desire just isn’t that picky.

Everything that happens happens twice.

Everything that is present becomes so as a representation.

I endured the same loss twice.

The first time, I came to exist, the second time I experienced it.

Speaking subject, subject speaking.

Are you tired of the subject? Then you might try shutting up.

No, I am not a know-it-all.

I am just a know-heaps-more-than-you.

Amateur anthropology.

When I lived in Ohio, I went out for country fried steak weekly.

This is not a war.

There is no such thing as an intellectual enemy.

Not a reproach.

I promise to not take it as a reproach… even when it is obviously a reproach.

Aren’t you enjoying yourself!

Leftism among elites attempts to compensate for a lack of seriousness with an exaggerated identification.

Liberal-democracy is dead.

Long gone are the days “we” at least used to pretend to stand for something “higher” than wealth accumulation and naked power.