Monthly Archives: November 2016

Theory imitates life.

I see your theory much like I see your life: you haven’t got any real problems.


X: How natural they appear before the camera! Y: That just means they are always posing.

Politics and sexuality.

The structure of both activities turns on our abilities to say “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” and “so?”


It happens when one is born with ability, but little else.

What is this?

This is a journal of my everyday life.

Don’t bother with politics.

Keep minding important things, like your supposedly private privates.

Two kinds of not having.

It is inhumane to obscure the difference between releasing what one has and lacking what one has never had.

A common mistake.

You take signs of self-deprecation as signs of modesty.

Democratic education.

Pedagogical authority exists for the sake of its self-overcoming: its aim is equality.

“Umami Burger.”

National in form, “foreign” in content.