Monthly Archives: December 2016

I visit when I know the site is tracking.

This practice is phatic communication at its finest—what we are saying is “I’m here in your cyberspace.”

Where to dig?

Exploring one’s subjectivity is a bit like digging through one’s trash.

What privileged access?

The only one who can misrecognize you worse than an other is your self.

On Belle and Sebastian.

X: Get me away from here, I’m dying… Y: Where exactly would you not be dying?

Thinking historically.

Normalization could not have always been the norm.

An epiphany or event is over in a flash.

It takes the daily labor of integration and institutionalization to make its consequences permanent.

Mental calibration.

Closing-in on a sensation, feeling, or perception opens an observational distance.


How many lifetimes have you wandered through this world without beginning or end?

A little ego psychology.

It is very easy to underestimate and overestimate someone for egoistic reasons.

Impressive or sad?

He did not script himself at the center of his own bio-pic.