Monthly Archives: December 2016

I get caught up reading David Eng.

I wonder if this is how my white colleagues feel reading Gary King.

Anguish is not just a funny face. 

Celine Parreñas Shimuzu is right: each of Bruce Lee’s movies centers on the ethical consequences of violence.

Why did I spill?

I want to be rejected for who I truly am.

Illusions of progress.

Ever notice how every new software update looks and feels fresher than the last?

Nyugen, “The Sympathizer.”

It is a curiously abstract—one might even say academic—politics that takes sides easily.

Dai Sijie, “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.”

He loves the West and the West loves him. He hates the people, Chinese or otherwise.

By all means, plan for contingencies.

Just don’t forget that Contingency plans back.

A house divided.

A divided mind is an inhabitable mind.


For some subjects, the body is the only satisfactory surface of articulation. For others, the page will do just as well.

Don’t look down, coyote.

Trumpism is the fantasy of a whiteness still supreme.