Monthly Archives: January 2017

Is that a problem?

That everything is also something else is the common assumption of theorists of alienation and interdependence.

Candidate to President Trump.

What came in with a bang, goes out with a whimper.

What do dreams mean again?

I am of several minds about this issue, all of which are dirty.


Truth marks commitment for revolutionaries and lovers.

Oh please.

I’m not thinking about you. I’m just thinking about it.

As with spirituality and ecology.

Yeah, I know—people are the problem.

Why do I like Rand better than Stowe?

I know Ayn Rand is an adversary; I thought Harriett Beecher Stowe and I could be allies.

You can’t go home.

It is not at all ironic that Anna May Wong and Sessue Hayakawa departed for Europe in protest of Hollywood racism.

Chua and Rubenfeld, “The Triple Package.”

Don’t ask why this group “succeeds” and that group “fails” in an industry. Ask what symbolic and imaginary role this and that group play for a collectivity.


Every entrance is also a potential exit.