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Get out of your head; then get out of your mind.


That she could grieve his loss is sufficient proof that her attachment was not ambivalent at best.

Delusion, desperation.

He was so identified with the lost one that he imagined that only suicide could dispel her.


It’s not that we don’t love wisdom. It is that we love foolishness even more.

Fish don’t see the water.

A fish out of water can see it and knows he needs it

Do over.

The greater part of learning is learning to do things again.

Huxley, “Brave New World.”

The possessive individualist must reduce all collectivity to collectivism.

The book was beyond him.

The only thing this critic could with it was shit on it.

Necessity and negation.

“A is not necessarily B” is easy to establish; “A is necessarily not B” is almost impossible to establish.

Ins and outs of writing.

The difference between adequate and inadequate writers is knowing what to put in; the difference between great and mediocre writers is understanding what to leave out.