Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dodged that bullet.

I am so happy that white progressive academics do not care in the slightest about Asian American Studies.

Time to represent.

The “present moment” itself is the product of recollection.

Xie Yifan, your time is up.

The occupation of pre-revolutionary China is not a side plot, but the real plot of Hur Jinho’s “Dangerous Liasons.”

You understand what I’m saying?

Talk about pandering to deep fantasies!

Simple is simple.

Simplification is impossibly complex.

Save my local bookstore?

Which one—Barnes & Nobles or Amazon Books?

I would put you down.

But why should I lower myself?

My, my, my.

My pain, my pleasure, my perception.

Hall and Oates, “I Can’t Go for That.”

“Now I’ll do anything you want me to…” quickly turns into “…but I can’t go for that”: this is the motto of a man who can’t go all the way.

What is this place?

True, they will be in a re-education camp when we win. But we are already in a re-education camp—they call it “the school.”