Monthly Archives: February 2017

Loved to death.

She killed the hate in her heart with kindness.

The blind men and the elephant.

Each holds a view of the elephant based on the part he has touched; each is willing to fist fight every other before the delighted king. The Buddha doesn’t see the whole elephant; what he sees is the danger of clinging to views.


Meditation—philosophical and spiritual—trains us to become in the world.

Assume rational choice theory.

If choice is determined by incentive, how can that choice be free?

In the age of Trump.

Good news is fake news.

For Louie Gohmert.

It is fairly ridiculous to associate mass-killing with immigrant with border control. What’s more, it’s unfairly ridiculous.

Fine, she was dead to him.

Furthermore, he was dead to himself.

Decisions, decisions.

Sexuality is a choice—the wrong one.

First, let us return to the old.

Then, let us return to the new.

How long can I keep this solitude up?

That depends. How long am I going to live?