Monthly Archives: March 2017

You connect yourself to others to be.

You compare yourself against others to belong.

Playing, toying, thinking.

A theorist plays with ideas that cannot be toyed with, while a technician toys with ideas that do not want to play.


The person who never asks for help is unlikely to offer it.

Desire seems to precede its expression.

At the same time, expression seems to call desire into existence.

Where do they belong?

You can tell a lot about a writer’s position from the location of their “ironic quotes.”

The visionaries have left us.

The basic condition for learning to see again is the assumption of this loss.

Violence and/or authority.

Violence can signal either the absolute lack or the absolute plenitude of authority.

Bhavna Talwar, “Dharm.”

Pandit protects Mustafa/Kartikey from a raging, fundamentalist mob. His gesture of sublime compassion is, in this situation, the assumption of political authority.

Antagonistic interdependence.

A recognition of interdependence can bring even greater strife; take, for example, friends who recognize their dependence upon enemies.

A prolific thinker.

Conceptual proliferation makes long work of equanimity and tranquility.