Monthly Archives: March 2017


Imagining the vastness of the universe either intensifies the world’s suffering or intimates the self’s impermanence.

The gold standard of science?

There is a strong correlation between thinkers who predict and predictable thoughts.

No human is an island.

But every community is an island.

Shoot the messenger if it pleases you.

If you receive the message, I will be satisfied.

Adolescents who save the world?

Only the young can accomplish the new, a responsibility for which we are never quite mature enough.

I am not looking for disciples.

Besides, no teachings can be mastered.

The language of dreams.

The dreamer is like the naïf who appreciates the sound of a language they cannot understand.

Drawing in.

Within the contours of introspection are the traces of introjection.

The history of philosophy is the history of disaster.

A philosopher is one who can offer a compelling reflection upon a singular upending.

Counter intuition as counter intelligence.

Might this formulation not be occasioned by a series of overwrought rhetorical questions?