Monthly Archives: April 2017

Glossy is sticky.

All the better to capture your desire, my dear.


Micro-aggression is the result of micro-intelligence.

A good salary.

The money can’t make up for all the disrespect. But it doesn’t hurt, either.

Respect is not a minimum.

I will respect your intelligence—as soon as you attain an intelligence to respect.

Look closely at your daydreams.

I suspect you will find them distorted.

Knowledge of the other.

Globalized media has made our stereotypes more fine-lined, yet more fixed than ever.

Ideology is a mirror.

Looking into the mirror image changes the look of the looker.

The marketplace of “experiences.”

Its prohibition on politics belies the supposed permissiveness of liberalism.

Necessity of not knowing.

There are many things about you that I don’t need to know on a need-not-to-know basis.

Only an argument in the academy.

If you can’t beat them, call them outdated.