Monthly Archives: April 2017

I don’t travel too much.

An Asian American finds their own country “exotic” enough.

Art of aphorism.

I learned to think slowly, one fragment at a time.

I hate to be cynical.

But actually I don’t.

Words cannot take you all the way.

But you’ll never get there without the right ones.


X: Would you mind if we didn’t talk? Y: Not at all—I enjoy not talking with you.

I’ve chosen my friends wisely.

Nobody commented when I posted my innermost thoughts online.

Socrates chose death over exile.

He thereby exposes the gap between ancient ethics of citizenship and contemporary values of diaspora.

Read it twice.

Only then you might have one basis for leveling a criticism.

Unknown unknown.

You can have no idea how much darkness remains after an idea illuminates some region of experience.

David Huang, “Yellow Face” (again).

According to this play, the new left itself is the joke.