Monthly Archives: May 2017


Consider how much must be taken for granted in order to experience the loss of love to be the defining trauma of one’s life.

Every binary implies a triad.

To take a political example: there are friends, enemies, and neutrals.

Tell me about it.

I am not particularly interested in my own sex life. Why would you assume I am the least bit interested in yours?

Look carefully.

That is not a chip on my shoulder. It is a flake of your dandruff.

All addictions are equally real.

Anything can become the object of addiction because anything can become the object of desire.

All sexuality must be naturalized.

One reason straights insist so strongly that gays and lesbians are “born that way” is they are afraid that straights might not be born straight.

Savior psychology.

The world must be in serious danger if he’s going to save it.

Not thinking is not thoughtlessness.

Critically not-thinking is just as crucial as critical thinking to philosophy.

Standard practices.

I have a toolkit of many different standards, a skillset of different ways to deploy them, and an understanding of when to suspend them.

Expansion within the contraction.

The tighter the formulation, the more room for argumentation.