Monthly Archives: May 2017

Active looking.

Those who conflate looking with spectatorship have never been looked at properly.

Claim: ego arises between sensation and perception.

Support: an overpowering sensation dissolves ego and thought at the same time.

An ideological distortion it is.

The Trayvon Martin case is the return of the repressed for post-racial ideology.

Democratic anxieties.

What frightens me about assertions of equality is how many are spoken out of fear.

Your own doubts.

What bothers you about arrogance is your suspicion that it is justified.

Built in.

Political theology demonstrates the impossibility of separating church and state. Political science demonstrate the impossibility of separating science and state.

They speak.

What They say is second only in importance to what They won’t say.

“This too shall pass.”

The reminder is useful in the worst of times and necessary in the best of them.

Wynton Marsalis.

He does the thankless work of preservation and transmission. I just wish he sounded less like a museum.

A symbolic efficacy.

What you never had is something you can give, lose, and hold.