Monthly Archives: June 2017

Kevin Kwan.

You think you’re clever. You are—for a rich guy.


Even when foregrounded, it’s backgrounded.

It’s called “luck.”

Do not pity the high who fall, nor praise the low who ascend.

Buy it or don’t.

I’m still selling.

Let this one go.

To seek to go before or beyond good and evil is a dead end.

There is suffering.

There you are too.

Pain and suffering.

There might be pain, but there is no suffering without ignorance.

No wonder he appears quite mad.

Slavoj Zizek is a general intellectual in an age of specialists, technocrats, and populists.


It is the time and place to melt precious little snowflakes.

For Pete Hoekstra.

Rice paddies and broken English? You need a bigger advertising budget. Spend it now!