Monthly Archives: July 2017

Limits of learning.

A trauma is that kind of experience from which we cannot learn.


Be wary of the friend who emphasizes how right you are whenever you state some trivial truth. They must take you for an imbecile or an enemy.


It is not only people with prosopagnosia who have difficulty recognizing their own faces in the mirror. It might be that such people can more easily recognize the difficulty, though.

The right of self-defense.

A genuine motive has the right to remain hidden from both self and others.

Can you bare your soul to the public?

Well, you can flood your body with light in search of your shadow.

Common defenses. 

You say: “Attack me all you want, but don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family!” I hear: “Don’t you dare say anything about my friends and family—I know very well that you are speaking ill of me!”

Why play that game?

The great fallacy of Western Buddhism is that we can keep playing the same market games without becoming attached to the outcomes.

The Spirits of Capitalism.

Protestantism is to industrial capitalism what Mindfulness is to post-industrial capitalism.

Reading skills.

It is often easier to read between the lines than it is to read between the parentheses.

I’d like to act my age.

Sometimes the biographical leaps straight for the historical.