Monthly Archives: July 2017

No Sexuality without the Symbolic.

Sexuality emerges at the point that sex is irreducible to reproduction.


The line between talking to oneself and talking to someone else is fine. The line is finest at the point one is talking about oneself.

First, do no harm.

Second, make sure you understand what “harm” is.

The real priorities.

He only turns to the spiritual if he is losing.

Where does it stop?

A stream of speech spills out of a language in love with a world.

I am American and Asian.

However, I do not bother claiming either identity until someone denies that I am one.

Carry that weight.

The greatest burdens in worlds of material affluence are intangible.

Affect and class.

Middle classes were less resentful of the existing order than lower classes and less invested in it than upper classes. Nowadays, they are both more resentful than their “inferiors” and more invested than their “superiors.”

I love my country too much.

It beats me, I talk shit, and we do it all over again.

Why worry that a great artist influences your work?

I would be more worried about the influence of a mediocre artist.