Monthly Archives: August 2017

Ideology inhabits our habits.

Its form is the opposite of a “system of ideas”; its content expresses what cannot be formulated as “ideas.”

Everyone is feeding you lines.

Then again, some lines are tastier than others.

Want to calm the monkey mind?

Then let those monkeys go.


A public display of affection is a pseudo-public display of pseudo-exclusivity.

Unsexy thoughts.

The easiest way to stop thinking about sex is to start thinking about thinking about sex.


I call him “master” not because he has mastered me, but because he has mastered himself.

You are, in a way, your car.

A homeless woman crossing the street exclaimed that “cars are so impatient!”

You are unimpressed with a religion after reading a few scriptures.

Then you mistook a sign saying “New York: 100 miles” for the city itself and wondered what all the fuss is about.

Irony as investment.

A: I don’t take this holiday seriously. It is an excuse to eat and drink and see family and friends. B: Then why don’t you stop making excuses?

The mind can see itself.

But, in so seeing, it cannot deny the existence of blindspots.