Monthly Archives: September 2017

A paranoid procedure.

Find the worst out of a multitude of conflicted motives and call it the only one.

It is not the best possible society.

It is a society that one and others can live with?

At the coffee shop.  

A big mouth slowly edges their way towards the door upon encountering an even bigger mouth.

His name means bland repetition.

Phillip Phillips is the encore of 1990s white guy with a guitar pop-rock.

A flag does not make the moon yours.

Point a finger at the moon to indicate it is already at the tip of your nail.

Discerning and listening.

Sight is the power of wisdom. Hearing is the power of compassion.

Melancholic assimilation.

These Taiwanese movies induce within me a nostalgia for an impossibly “organic” relation to culture.

Adolescence, maturity.

Musical and athletic genius for the young; philosophical and poetic genius for the old.

Perry, “When Nietzsche Wept.”

The proof that Nietzsche could not have been the sentimentalist portrayed in this film is every sentence he wrote.


The phases of the moon depend on its relation to the sun and the earth. Hence even the fullness of the moon is yet another sign of its emptiness.