Monthly Archives: September 2017

When I am hurt, I am hurt.

No need to double the suffering with an insufferable investment.

Hey, it’s your death.

I look forward to taking certain secrets to the grave.

“Perfect Strangers”: a case study in nostalgia.

Quirky Europeans like Balki are the kind of immigrants “we” love! Unlike, you know, those “other” immigrants.

“Bully Beatdown”: a case study in charity.

A virtuous expert intervenes to defend a hapless victim against an evil aggressor. The result? The aggressor insincerely apologizes, the victim remains passive, and the expert gives away their earnings.

Give me a break.

Reasoning is compulsive for one who has not learned to suspend it.


This phone isn’t old. It’s called “vintage.”

The road to mastery.

A “short cut” has a way of coming up short down the road.

Look who’s talking.

Little needs to be said among the very young or the very old.

Identification and selfhood.

Our selves are always more and less than the identities we already more or less assume.


He was in perfect harmony with himself and in perpetual conflict with others.