Monthly Archives: October 2017

Whence intuition?

Counter-intuition is another way of saying counter-ideological.

A chain of reasoning.

Everything happens. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens without reasons. Nothing happens without reasons. Nothing happens for a reason. Nothing happens.

A writer is in their words.

It is no comfort to hear this writer is not half as pretentious as she comes off on the page. She is a writer, after all.

Walking is talking.

The path you walk tells me exactly what you “believe.”

An art work is never done.

It is only abruptly and arbitrary brought to a close by its creator or its performer.

Classroom etiquette.

A good teacher gets some students to question things out loud. With the remainder, they communicate face-to-face.

Body parts.

Better a smart mouth than a dumb ass.

Pang Brothers, “Bangkok Dangerous.”

The natural, innocent purveyor of violence is banished from the realms of speech and love.

There are global cities.

There are not yet global citizens.

The awardee.

The outstanding stands out against the background of others with standing—notwithstanding others without standing.