Monthly Archives: October 2017

You will never figure out why you did that.

The question to focus on is who you have become in doing that.

A joke doesn’t require explanation.

He joked about his stupidity. Nobody got it.

Walking and Seeing.

The first step towards seeing the world around you is closing your eyes.

Sturdy, invisible, see-through.

Every glass ceiling for you is a glass floor for somebody else.


A ghost writer’s career dies twice.

You have “impostor syndrome.”

I wouldn’t sweat it. They’re all frauds too. The difference is you know it.

Consult your dreams.

A heart unawakened is at the heart of extreme passions.

What is the real failure?

After failing to seduce a stranger, a foolish man asks where his game went and a sane man ask why he’s playing it.

The Machine.

Get with the programming.

Enmity and proximity.

The worst enemies are the near ones.