Monthly Archives: November 2017

The flies flew in the door you left open.

They multiplied in the dirty dishes you left in the sink. You kill these “pests” who have “infested” your space. You would do better to encourage them to go outside and play.

Fetishist and proud of it!

X: I find brains to be incredibly sexy. Y: I know exactly what you mean! I feel the same way towards feet.

Rich man, you’re a baby.

The fools say wealth is a sign of wickedness out of envy. The wise say wealth is a sign of ignorance out of hope.

What would I know?

X: This is all conjecture. I know that I know nothing. Y: What confidence! I don’t pretend to know what I don’t know.  

Celibacy as performance.

The meaning is you don’t give the tiniest shit about what others think of you.

We don’t know when life begins.

We only have a slightly better idea of when it ends.

They were having a teaching moment.

But I learned nothing. I did not recognize their right to lecture me.

Villeneuve, “Blade Runner 2049.”

There is more than one way to give your life for a cause.

Technology extends senses.

My sense of tiredness grows as my fingers move across the screen.

“You only live once.”

Eh, I can’t base my life on such a wild speculation.