Zombie apocalypse fantasy.

No, the world isn’t coming to an end; only your world is coming to an end. The rising powers are not enraged and mindless, though you might be.


  1. Reader's Digest · · Reply

    It’s all fantasy ☺

    1. In that case, I’ll take a different fantasy.

  2. Gaunt, sickly, listless individuals, desperately cannibalizing each other in a wasteland stripped bare…



    We name the things we see in our dreams so we can talk about them. Names mislead.

    We have a collective, biological awareness – through the collective unconscious all the way down into the reptilian brain – of the presently impending repercussions of gross overpopulation. It’s a memory.

    Because it has happened before. Many times. If, perhaps, never before at this scope.

    Our human and pre-human ancestors have survived overpopulation die-offs for billions of years. There’s a little red light blinking in the back of our understanding of our world, and when we see a stupid B-rate zombie film, something stirs. The name “zombie” falls away and the instinct, the memory inside us that recognizes the thing itself says simply “THAT is coming.”

    The fish are almost gone and the dead zones keep growing. The bacteria are adapting. The vulnerable species are already gone, and more go all the time, kept alive only in protective captivity. For now. Our deeply inbred food-plant and food-animal monocultures are fragile things.

    We know it in our cells. If we don’t make real changes to the way things are, THAT truly is coming.

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