Monthly Archives: January 2018

The mind moved.

The heart found it moving.

The words are as cutting as ever.

Only the intention moving within them is compassionate.

Writing time horizons.

X: After all these years, you are still writing? Y: Yes, I am. This game is addictive and cannot be mastered.

My dissertation in retrospect.

I chanced upon a few discoveries, but I could not express their significance.

From bad to worse.

The only thing stupider than a white person telling me what it means to be Asian is an Asian person telling me how to be Asian.

Han Shan feels loneliness.

The difference between the poet-sage and the ordinary fool is a small matter of discernment.

The Dark Knight.

All praise to Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan for revealing Batman to be an anti-enlightenment reactionary.

Marcus Roberts, “Deep in the Shed.”

Artful spontaneity is preceded by concerted effort.

You got a boob job and started nude modelling.

That is silly. Do you know what is sillier? That I googled your name after all these years.

We never step into the same river once.

Moreover, we never step into the same anything once.