Monthly Archives: January 2018

The world is made of stories.

My apologies to elements, energy, matter, ideas, and other candidates.

You love the idea of him, yes.

But we would never love if we did not see something “ideal” in, around, or about the beloved.

Another mirror stage…

Brooding is reflection for teenagers.

There is no polarity.

How can a “middle” be here?

Ken Burns, “The Civil War.”

Barbara Fields stands for black Americans, Shelby Foote stands for white Southerners, the unnamed narrator stands for white northerners.

“Don’t Try Suicide.”

Freddy Mercury’s message to U.S. citizens who believe their abstention from voting is “sending a message.”

Five notes is enough.

Just make sure you sound the right ones.

Ask the aphorist.

No statement can be sealed with the sign “no exit.”


The guys who say a lot of “ifs” always want a way out.

Where did I learn to write?

The same place you learned—the internet.