Monthly Archives: February 2018

You don’t care if you look like a fool.

Then again, you never looked that good to begin with.

They cross at the beginning and in the end.

“Inner” freedom is a path one is forced to travel alone. “Outer” freedom is a path one can only travel with company.

Seize the moment!

Never wait to procrastinate on a task you could be procrastinating on right now. You might never get around to putting it off later.

Arvin Chen, “Mei.”

Leave and go; hold on and let go.

De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America.”

Only an American could think that democracy is merely a form a government; for anyone with experience of aristocracy, democracy is clearly a form of society.

The true is not the actual.

All poetry and progressivism, idealism and dialectics presuppose this lack of identity.

The true and the actual are not the same.

Think of commonplaces like “you are a true friend,” “the actor is the one who acts,” and “truth is stranger than fiction.”

“Suggestive influence of the unexpressed…”

What I am leaving off the page is only fit to appear around, behind, and before it.

Sure, it’s all a game.

How joyless, though, when all games are strategic.

You speak ignorantly.

So I am not offended—I came here to teach.