Monthly Archives: February 2018

What’d you say?

X: It is more or less another day. Y: It is day—no more, no less.

Time is inescapable.

But there is timelessness, too, within time.

There are no radical post-modernists.

A “radical” goes to the root. But “post-modernism” has no roots—it is like seaweed.

Concepts are like swords.

You ask what the point of cutting distinctions is. At which point, I will gladly drive it home.

California living.

You drive two blocks for junk food, then run two miles to burn it off.

“That’s just how it is” isn’t a statement of fact.

It is an invitation into a reconciliation with any and all kinds of reality.

Everyone is your friend at the rest areas.

But they become idiots who can’t drive the minute you get back on the interstate.

Oakeshott, “On being conservative.”

Actually, politics is one of the few places the conservative disposition is inappropriate.

You drag me into a game.

Don’t be surprised if you make all my moves.

Write what you know.

Hence a tremendous dearth of writing.