Monthly Archives: March 2018

At the gym.

The body’s control of the bar is at the same time the body’s control of the mind.

The loser thinks he is lost.

But better thoughts have been found.  

The victor thinks he won.

But better minds have been lost.

I hear breath and crickets.

I am inside these perceptions, and these perceptions are outside me.


Sight is seen once the “I” is seen.

Global 1%.

This first world leftist feels an inordinate amount of anger and resentment at the slightly more privileged.

AntiFa is worse than Fascism?

Sorry, it’s not even close. I think you need to recount those death tolls.

Has AntiFa succeeded in checking Fascism?

Perhaps. It is just as plausible to say that Fascism is a perpetual state of failure.


The line between ridiculous and romantic is fine. And only the heart can draw it.

Peck, “The Young Marx.”

“Workers of the World Unite” is more universal than “All Men are Brothers” on the theory that the contradiction between particulars, and nothing else, will produce the universal.