Monthly Archives: March 2018

The art of self-promotion.

Could this artist find nobody else to say good things about him? No. He just couldn’t find anyone else who thinks as highly of himself as he does.

Argumentative types.

Thankfully, a stronger argument has never weakened an ego’s defenses.

Nassim Taleb, “Black Swan.”

You admit that you aspired to be a philosopher, but ended up rich and famous instead.

Beef with broccoli, yoga at the gym, etc.

Waves of globalization pull practices underwater and cast them on distant shores, that is, after they have been corroded and transmuted by deep sea pressures.

There is nothing to defend.

Still, there is plenty to attack.

A return to the origin.

A literal usage of language, if it is to take on life of its own, must find a metaphorical expression.


The first step toward politics is getting society to admit it is a problem.

Mass shootings, government crackdowns.

What is breaking down even faster than civility is authority, for which violence has never been a workable substitute.

The idea is half-baked.

That’s fine. We don’t eat ideas in this household.

The most dangerous game.

Politics is all fun and games until somebody gets killed.