Monthly Archives: April 2018

Marx was right—except for his prescriptions.

And here’s the thing—he didn’t make any prescriptions.    Advertisements

Doors of perception.

The mind is a two-way door that takes an effort to keep shut.


A stoic fully engages a process so as to not be caught in it or its result.

They say, “Don’t read too much into it.”

They mean, “Just a little willful illiteracy would help me out of this mess.”

Another one for Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

This episode is exactly like whitestream protests of the Vietnam War: only “American” men get to say who and what is important.

An other in Taiwan.

I wonder how I would have been had I been raised where my parents were raised. Yet I would not be “me” without this American-ish life.

From Descartes came Cartesian assumptions.

These, I think, locate the coordinates of his contributions precisely.