Monthly Archives: April 2018

Marx was right—except for his prescriptions.

And here’s the thing—he didn’t make any prescriptions.   

Doors of perception.

The mind is a two-way door that takes an effort to keep shut.


A stoic fully engages a process so as to not be caught in it or its result.

They say, “Don’t read too much into it.”

They mean, “Just a little willful illiteracy would help me out of this mess.”

Another one for Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

This episode is exactly like whitestream protests of the Vietnam War: only “American” men get to say who and what is important.

An other in Taiwan.

I wonder how I would have been had I been raised where my parents were raised. Yet I would not be “me” without this American-ish life.

From Descartes came Cartesian assumptions.

These, I think, locate the coordinates of his contributions precisely.

Intellectual promiscuity.

I used to say “I’ll read anyone once…” Now I add “… after taking the proper precautions.”

Skepticism and superiority.

I’m not saying my mental and physical attributes prove that I’m superior. But we all have our suspicions.

Count on it.

The things in this universe are innumerable and cannot be counted. The things of this world are impermanent and cannot be counted upon.