Monthly Archives: April 2018

Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

What experts give are expert opinions.

Blue Scholars, “Joe Metropolitan.”

Geo doesn’t walk places. He marches everywhere.

Sorry, Dumbfounded and Clara C.

Mainstream Americans would prefer to watch Psy dance around like a horse to a track written in a language they can’t understand.

What is a promise?

The vow to the impossible is the only possible vow.

Mental suffering.

It is bad to suffer from an ignorance that one does not know; it is even worse to suffer from a knowledge that one does not understand.

He apologizes for shameful behavior.

I rethink the argument that it is easier to forgive someone who wants to be forgiven.

Fathers and sons.

I learned from my father how to not talk to people; how not to talk to people I picked up on my own.

Dating and rating.

I would totally go out with her if she were taller, closer, and more attracted to me.

Welcome to the party, “outsider”!

First I’ll splatter shit all over your face and then I’ll spend the rest of the night wiping it off.

Humility according to Wollstonecraft.

If I don’t pay any mind to being underestimated, I can’t see why I’d pay any attention to being overvalued.