Monthly Archives: May 2018

Thoughts and feces.

A proper examination of them presupposes they have been expelled.

A plea for reciprocity.

Please try seeing things from my perspective: you’re totally wrong.

A loss is just a loss.

There is no need to turn it into a lack.


What makes history more than “one damn thing after another”? The same thing that makes your story more than “one damn thing after another.”

Is the circle vicious?

Only to a viciously linear mind.

Conditions and constraints.

Professors can be radical like celebrities can be humanitarian.

What are the odds?

It’s hard to believe that some smart people also look good.


The romantic bristles against the suggestion that she might be susceptible to anything as conventional as romance.

How are you taking it?

The generous soul is gracious in victory and defeat. The vengeful soul is patient in defeat and gracious in victory.

Mental space.

Some minds are so tightly packed that ideas haven’t got the room to maneuver.