Monthly Archives: May 2018

Cheating as fidelity.

He bragged to his friends about exploits with a married woman. Homosociality is the final guarantee of heterosexuality.


Compassion comes from those places that wisdom dares not go.

Speculation is played out.

Historical and geographical breadth are the new indices of abstract and theoretical depth.

History happens twice.

Sitting Bull joined Buffalo Bill to reenact battles: the events are tragic, the representations are farce.

They aren’t just drinking the kool-aid.

They’re selling it, telling all about it, and passing out cups at marathons.

Good things take time.

Bruce Lee didn’t started fighting until 45 minutes into his first major film. He didn’t even take his shirt off until he had to face the big boss.

I won’t bite the hand that feeds me.

Then again, I’m not about to lick it. Actually, I keep that hand as far away from my face as possible.

Everything is perfect!

Has desire been satisfied or finished?

Using without citing.

What a wonderful, simple lesson: there is no such thing as a private intellectual.

An entirely public life is deprived.

But this deprivation is orders of magnitude less than an entirely private life.